Self Publishing On Amazon Explained

After having navigated and conquered publishing a book on Amazon, I had several people ask me how I did it. I used CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing, which are the two publishing tools created by Amazon. It is FREE to sign up and hold an account with both CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing, and these online services guide users through the following book setup processes:

  • Book Title Information
  • ISBN (the barcode you see on the back of books)
  • Interior (the book manuscript)
  • Cover Design
  • Distribution Channels (where the book will be sold online).


CreateSpace is a company operated by Amazon which enables authors to design and distribute their own self  published paperback books. An author will create an account with a username and password, and once set up will be able to work through each step of the publishing process.
Once again, it is FREE to use CreateSpace, however there are professional services available to help with the set-up for a fee. The only money I have spent on CreateSpace to date is to have a paperback proof copy of my short story collection The New Neighbors shipped to my home address in Australia, which cost approximately $30AUD.

At the end of the paperback publishing process, CreateSpace offers a natural flow-on step to publish an e-book version through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s ebook publishing tool. Readers DO NOT need to own a Kindle device to purchase ebooks from the online store or to read Kindle ebooks, as the app can be downloaded to different devices. For example, I have the app on my Samsung tablet.

When publishing with CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing, there are certain formatting requirements for both paperback AND e-books. Once a book is finalised on CreateSpace, the site will flow-on to Kindle Direct Publishing, to allow the user to start setting up the ebook version. This process DOES NOT automatically format a book manuscript for Kindle, however this flow-on from CreateSpace does transfer automatically over to the Kindle Direct Publishing website, where the user can complete a similar set-up process for your title.

In my next post I will share some basic formatting insights from my experiences publishing through Amazon. My short story collection The New Neighbors and my creative non-fiction book The Wilted Rose are both available on Amazon in paperback and e-book.

Me with my short story collection, The New Neighbors