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Friday Blog Post: Annie/Sasha’s story- Excerpt from Paid To Dance

This Friday on my blog I am sharing an excerpt from the story of ‘Annie/Sasha’, one of the fourteen exotic dancers I interviewed for my upcoming book Paid To Dance.

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Annie/Sasha (Excerpt)

I started dancing when I was eighteen, and before that I had worked in a pretty good job. I never thought I would be capable of being an exotic dancer, however I did a trial shift at a club in Brisbane and it was exciting and glamorous and the money was amazing.

My first stage show was terrifying; I was wearing nine-inch heels in which I could hardly walk! Somehow I had to spin around a pole, put on a performance, and look sexy at the same time! I couldn’t stop shaking. I must have looked so terrified. However, I survived it, I didn’t fall over and I managed to get some tips!

My first lap dance didn’t go as well as my stage show, however I was lucky enough to get some lap dancing lessons before I started. I had some sleazy, sweaty guy that reeked of rum; the thought of it makes me feel sick. I just did the moves that I was taught, and he seemed to like it, although, who would complain having a naked girl in heels in front of them.

I was always an honest person, so I told my Mum straight away, and obviously that didn’t go down very well, as I was her little princess. I changed to a different club after a month, but eight months later my family gave me an ultimatum to quit. And I did, for them.

When I was twenty, I went back to the job again, just for the money to start off with. But then it got so comfortable. I made friends with the other dancers, I started living with them, and it ended up becoming my life.

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Exerpt: Paid To Dance Part One: History of Exotic Dance

Part One: An Exotic History

The earliest evidence of exotic dance can be traced back twenty thousand years to Palaeolithic cave paintings in the south of France, and proof has also been found by archaeologists near the Black Sea regions of Bulgaria and Romania.

It is thought to hold its origins in ancient rituals associated with fertility, not only for motherhood but also agriculture and farming. During the height of the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece, priestesses performed in sacred temples, and this practice was also commonplace in India. Exotic dance even makes an appearance in the Bible, where Salome seductively performs the Dance of the Seven Veils for the guests of Kind Herod’s birthday celebrations.

During the 12th Century, belly dancing captivated voyeurs throughout the Middle East. While the performers did not remove their garments, vigorous movements of the hips and pelvis entranced the audience, who in turn tossed coins to the dancers as a gesture of their admiration.

In the Victorian Age, although separated by wealth and privilege, both society’s elite and working class indulged in exotic entertainment. Women went to great lengths to hide their physical forms beneath bustles, hoops and frills, and so the idea of young ladies appearing on stage in their silk stockings and bustiers was a controversial temptation. 18th Century ladies of the court danced at banquets, using beautiful fans to accentuate their suggestive movements.

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Release Date For Paid To Dance Brought Forward

Exciting news! To coincide with the Byron Writers Festival, my upcoming book Paid To Dance: Stripping Past & Present will now be released worldwide on Amazon in paperback and Kindle on Friday August 5th, more than two weeks earlier than the original publishing date!

I will be appearing at the Self Published Marquee at the Byron Writers Festival on Sunday 7th August between 9.30-11.30am with all three of my books. Paid To Dance will also be available to buy from the festival bookshop. If you’re nearby, please do come ad say hi! For those of you that can’t make it, I will be posting on social media throughout my time at the festival.

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