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Friday Blog Post: Annie/Sasha’s story- Excerpt from Paid To Dance

This Friday on my blog I am sharing an excerpt from the story of ‘Annie/Sasha’, one of the fourteen exotic dancers I interviewed for my upcoming book Paid To Dance.

Paid To Dance will be released WORLDWIDE on Amazon in paperback and Kindle ebook on August 5th, 2016. Click HERE to pre-order your copy now!


Annie/Sasha (Excerpt)

I started dancing when I was eighteen, and before that I had worked in a pretty good job. I never thought I would be capable of being an exotic dancer, however I did a trial shift at a club in Brisbane and it was exciting and glamorous and the money was amazing.

My first stage show was terrifying; I was wearing nine-inch heels in which I could hardly walk! Somehow I had to spin around a pole, put on a performance, and look sexy at the same time! I couldn’t stop shaking. I must have looked so terrified. However, I survived it, I didn’t fall over and I managed to get some tips!

My first lap dance didn’t go as well as my stage show, however I was lucky enough to get some lap dancing lessons before I started. I had some sleazy, sweaty guy that reeked of rum; the thought of it makes me feel sick. I just did the moves that I was taught, and he seemed to like it, although, who would complain having a naked girl in heels in front of them.

I was always an honest person, so I told my Mum straight away, and obviously that didn’t go down very well, as I was her little princess. I changed to a different club after a month, but eight months later my family gave me an ultimatum to quit. And I did, for them.

When I was twenty, I went back to the job again, just for the money to start off with. But then it got so comfortable. I made friends with the other dancers, I started living with them, and it ended up becoming my life.

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