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LAUNCH TODAY: Paid To Dance: Stripping Past & Present

It’s today! Paid To Dance is NOW AVAILABLE from Amazon in paperback and Kindle Ebook!


Paid To Dance: Stripping Past & Present is a comprehensive insight into the mysterious world of exotic dance. Throughout history, exotic entertainment has existed in cultures around the world as a form of expression and appreciation.

The book opens with an introduction by the author, detailing the facts and figures associated with the industry, including its global value. The laws that govern the industry are explained, as are the varying opinions, stigmas and myths associated with stripping.

In Part One: An Exotic History, the book explores the early origins of exotic entertainment, from the belly dancers in the Middle East and Ancient Greece, to the geishas of Japan, to the burlesque and vaudeville entertainers of London, Paris, New York and even various cities around Australia.

In Part Two: The Women, fourteen modern day women share their candid stories of working in gentleman’s clubs, highlighting the emotional toll it often takes. Their experience spans Australia, New Zealand and countries around the world. Their reasons for stripping vary, from paying their way through university, funding world travel and escaping homelessness and crime.

The book concludes with Part Three: From The Outside Looking In, where parents and partners offer intriguing perspectives of their loved one’s occupation, and a manager shares his experience overseeing the operations of a real gentleman’s club.

Paid To Dance takes a look inside the trials and tribulations of exotic dancers throughout history and into the present day, and reveals a livelihood that is often rewarding and always challenging.

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