How To Host An Online Book Launch Party

I know what you’re thinking: What on earth is an ‘online’ book launch party, and how does one attend?

Book launches are traditionally held in a bookstore or a library, and guests attend to listen to readings and talks by the author. Much of the same occurs when this event takes place online, with a few obvious differences.

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In April 2016 I hosted an online book launch through this very blog for The New Neighbours, my collection of short stories. My main motivation for choosing this platform over a physical book launch was predominantly cost, as holding a launch at a bookstore or library can cost hundreds of dollars after venue hire, food and drink, and sufficient supplies of books for signings.

I set up an event on Facebook through my personal account and shared to my Facebook author page, inviting my friends and followers. My launch was quite last minute, so I only had a week in the lead-up to spread the message far and wide. I shared it throughout my social media accounts, including my blog posts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.



At first people were a little confused as to how they would ‘attend’ my online book launch. I explained that all they needed to do was drop in on my Facebook author page or blog to catch up on the action throughout the weekend. And they were most welcome to like and share any of the content!

I held the launch over the course of a weekend (Friday-Sunday). I made the book free to download from Kindle worldwide for the duration. I posted videos of myself reading excerpts and talking about different aspects of the book. I even had guest posts from other authors I knew. I prepared and saved most of these posts as drafts prior to the start of the launch on Friday afternoon, so all I had to do was press ‘Publish’ on my blog and share them on social media.

I decided to hold an online book launch because at the time I could not afford to host a physical book launch. It takes a significant amount of planning and preparation, but aside from the financial benefits, you have the opportunity to reach a broader audience, potentially worldwide.

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