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Give the gift of reading this Christmas!

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Featured Author: Jackee Ashwin

This Christmas I’m sharing the love amongst my author friends by helping us all get our books out there as inspiring gift ideas!

My first feature author is Jackee Ashwin, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.




Jackee is a member of Queensland Writers Centre and Australian Writers, and although working full time in Government, writing continues to fulfil her thoughts during down time and something she has always loved, sitting in the evening and most Saturdays with pencil in hand, honing her skills on descriptive writing that shows depth and description. As a writer she has been attending many of the classes offered in Brisbane to further enhance her skills.   Jackee’s debut book was written with the deep seated intention of helping any person be it mother, child or father that has been touched by adoption.

Jackee is also a member of Queensland Authors, a Brisbane based group supporting each other on their writing journey.

Her debut book Relinquished, Returned, Rejected, a memoir both adoption and still birth, was published in 2015. This book was part of the Books From Our Backyard Series for 2015 in the Queensland State Library.

About The Book:

When the adoption plan is created her world crumbles, such a sense of loss.

Destined to be childless, her second son born nine years later was a stillbirth. In 2012, a reunion between mother and adopted son fills her heart with the love only a mother can feel.

“Relinquished, Returned, Rejected is written with reflection but not self-pity and is an easy, enlightening and fascinating read.” Kathy Mexted, Sands

“A strongly-written, genuine account of what it was like to have been part of the ‘stolen white generation” Debbie Terranova, Author of Baby Farm, The Scarlett Key and Enemies Within These Shores

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Finding great gift ideas this Christmas could be as simple as scrolling through your newsfeed/friends list!


Avoid the crowds this Christmas while supporting artists and creators! Think of the following:
-Visual artists

A scroll through your newsfeed could uncover some hidden creators! And if you don’t know any, find them! Its as easy as a trip to your local market or a visit to Etsy!