Finding great gift ideas this Christmas could be as simple as scrolling through your newsfeed/friends list!

  Avoid the crowds this Christmas while supporting artists and creators! Think of the following: -Photographers -Poets -Musicians -Visual artists -Bodypainters -Authors¬† A scroll through your newsfeed could uncover some hidden creators! And if you don't know any, find them! Its as easy as a trip to your local market or a visit to Etsy!

Planning your Christmas Shopping? Think Of Artists and Creators!

This Christmas, I encourage you to think of artists and creators when your planning and buying your presents. Investing in creators is a FANTASTIC way to support them in their arts practice (which will make you feel AWESOME) AND find some amazing gifts with a personal touch! Think of the following: Photographers Poets Musicians/Singers/Bands Visual... Continue Reading →

Exciting News- I’ve Joined Patreon!

  I've got some exciting news- I've joined Patreon! Patreon is a membership platform where you can contribute to my projects and get really cool rewards in return. This is going to be a really special community and I can't wait for you to check out my page. Just follow this link:¬†    

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