Formatting Your Manuscript For Kindle: The SIMPLEST Guide You’ll Find On The Internet!!

Okay, so you’ve formatted your manuscript according to the specifications for CreateSpace, and your book is ready to be published in paperback. Now onto the Kindle ebook edition!

Kindle Direct Publishing guide the user through the following book setup processes:

Book Title Information
ISBN (the barcode you see on the back of books)
Interior (the book manuscript)
Distribution Channels (where the book will be sold online).

Formatting A Word Document For Kindle Direct Publishing (Ebook)


  • Title Page- Book Title Size 36
    – Author name: Size 16
    -Copyright message (©) Bold Size 12
  • About The Author message: Times New Roman Size 14
  • Chapter Headings: Times New Roman Bold Size 16
  • Book interior text: Times New Roman Size 12

          Book Layout

  • Paper Size (Width & Height): 13.69cm x 20.09 cm
  • Margins: -Top/Bottom/Left/Right: ZERO
    *This margin setting will look very strange on the page, and will advise you that it margins are set outside the printable area. This is how margins need to be set for Kindle formatting.
  • Set paragraph indentation for 1cm: Format>Paragraph>Indentation & Line Spacing
  • Set line spacing to SINGLE
  • Save As a WEB PAGE (.htm)Cover Design

    NOTE: You can use the same cover image file for a CreateSpace book and a Kindle ebook. A CreateSpace paperback requires the cover image to be 300 dpi (dots per image) while a Kindle cover image is only required to be 72 dpi You can create covers from stock images or your own personal photos using PicMonkey, Photoshop or other preferred photo editing programs. I will go into more detail about book cover creation on an upcoming post.

    Cover dimensions: 1600 x 2400 pixels
    300 dpi (dots per inch) for CreateSpace hard copy

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