Setting Up Your Book on Kindle Direct Publishing

Setting up a book on Kindle Direct Publishing is a very simple process and easily self-guided. In this video, I will go through the main steps, and will show you how to fill in the rest of the details yourself.

Remember, if you are doing this for the first time, I would highly recommend going through the set-up process with a ‘mock’ book first, so that you can familiarise yourself with the steps, and make the set-up of your real book much easier.

First, of course sign in to your new Kindle Direct Publishing account. You will then arrive at your member dashboard, where you will click ‘Create New Title’.

You will then be prompted to enter the Title Information of your book. This will include:

  • Book Title & Author
  • Series Information (if the book is/will be part of a series)
  • Book Description (Blurb)
  • Publishing Rights
  • Keywords
  • Categories
  • Age & Grade information
  • Pre-Order Set-up
  • Digital Management Rights
  • Manuscript Upload
  • Cover Image Upload/Creation
  • ISBN (Kindle books don’t need an ISBN, however you can add your own)
  • KDP Select Enrollment (Optional- Enrollment allows you to make your book available for Lending, which can earn you extra income)
  • Territories- Where you select either Worldwide availability or specific locations
  • Royalty & Pricing- Where you select the price for your Kindle ebook, and will be able to see how the royalties you will earn.
  • Matchbook (Optional)- Allows buyers of the paperback edition of your book to purchase the Kindle edition for free
  • Lending- This will make your book available for borrowing, which can earn you extra income. This option is only available if you enrol your book in the KDP Select program
  • Terms & Conditions

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