Setting Up Your Kindle Book For Pre-order

Setting up a book for pre-order with Kindle Direct Publishing is very easy and quick, and a great way to generate sales in your book prior to its release.


You are able to schedule your book for pre-release three months prior to the release date, and this option is a simple selection when you are setting up your book for publication.

The best part? You don’t even need to have your book finished to set it up for pre-order!

You can just upload a word document and save it as part of the set-up, and come back later and upload the final manuscript!

A Step-By Step Guide To Setting Up Your Kindle Ebook For Pre-Order

  1. Create a new Kindle Ebook project, and fill in the book details on page one of the set-up process. Click HERE to watch a video about how to set up a book on KDP.
  2. At the bottom of the first page of the book set-up process, you will find the section titled ‘Pre-Order’. Here, you can select whether you want to release your book now or make it available for pre-order.
  3. Next, you will select the release date for your book.
  4. Save and exit/Save and continue!

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