The Wilted Rose: Book Giveaway for National Carers Week

Right off the back of Queensland Mental Health Week, 14-20th October is National Carers Week here in Australia.

This is a cause that is also very close to my heart. For the past 19 months I have been caring for my fiance following a work-related back injury.

In my writing, I take a particular interest in exploring various human experiences and perspectives, using my writing to help to share people’s stories in the wider community.

Since its publication in 2011 I’ve used my debut novel The Wilted Rose to help raise awareness for a number of mental health causes. This week, the book is free to download here on my blog.

The Wilted Rose tells many stories, and one of these stories tells of one man’s struggle to care for his wife suffering undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder during the 1960s and 70s.

Once a decorated nurse, Sarah Ross’s mental health deteriorates following a family tragedy. As a result her dedicated husband Jack must adopt the role of her carer whilst also raising three young children. Their daughter Grace must survive adolescence through great adversity.

The Wilted Rose is a moving story of passion, heartache, and unbreakable family bonds.

Download for free HERE: The Wilted Rose

The Wilted Rose

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