Corona Creative Challenge!

Self isolation.
Whatever situation you find yourself in, its a perfect opportunity to CREATE!

Whatever your creative pursuit, now’s the perfect opportunity to invest some time into your project. How often do we get this amount of time to do with as we please? Don’t let this time go to waste!

Now until the end of April (or whenever these extreme measures ease) I am going to be posting inspirational material and prompts to get you going and keep you motivated! On Sundays I’ll invite you to share your goals for the week ahead, and on Saturday I’ll invite you to share your progress!
I’m kicking off my Corona Creative Challenge by sharing how I’ve been spending my physical isolation (I prefer to refer to it as ‘physical’ isolation rather than social isolation. Just because we are keeping physical distance, doesn’t mean we can’t be social!)

This week I have been chipping away at the revised edition of Paid To Dance: Asha’s Story Part Two. Typing, typing, typing!
What have YOU been creating this week? What progress have you made? Share in the comments! Share links! Plug yourself and your work!


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