Camp NaNo July: Bedouin Boy Page 16

man s hand in shallow focus and grayscale photography
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David gazed blankly into the long rectangular mirror as he washed his hands in the sink. Gittins pushed open the door to the restroom, propping it open with his shoulder.

‘There’s someone here. He wants to talk to you about Rocco Quintero.’

David flicked the water off his hands, ripping two paper towels out of the dispenser and hastily disposing of them as he followed Gittins out of the restroom. As he came down the corridor with Gittins, he spotted Jasem standing with another uniformed officer outside the interview room. He motioned to them to follow him in, and sat down at the table opposite Jasem.

‘So, you say you’re some kind of psychic?’ David began.

‘I’m not a psychic,’ said Jasem.

‘Are you here for my entertainment, then? Because I’m not entertained.’

‘No, sir.’

‘Then what are you here for?’

‘He’s dead.’

‘Who’s dead?’

‘Rocco Quintero.’

David’s dismissive impatience suddenly sharpened with focus.

‘The missing boy? How do you know he’s dead?’

‘Because I’ve seen him.’

‘You’ve seen him? Where?’

‘It’s hard to explain…’

‘Where did you see him?’

David’s tone was firm.

‘At the DA’s office. In the cafeteria. He appeared to me…’

‘He appeared to you? How?’

‘His…his spirit.’

David scoffed, throwing a smirk at Gittins.

‘Look, do you know where he is or not?’

‘Elysian Park Trail.’

‘We swept through that area already. We didn’t find anything.’ David stood

abruptly. ‘You’re wasting my time.’


‘What the hell are you doing?’

Jasem followed Gordon across the open plan desks to his office. Gordon opened the door, and Jasem followed him inside.

‘I thought I could help with the investigation,’ said Jasem.

‘Your job is to sort the crime scene documents, not solve crimes!’ Gordon sat behind his desk. ‘This is a District Attorney’s office, not a detective agency.’

‘The boy’s spirit appeared to me.’


‘I know how it sounds, but I wanted to do the right thing…’

‘Why would you do this, Josef? Are you crazy?’

‘It’s the truth, sir.’

Gordon scoffed.

‘You’ve made a fool of this department, Jasem. Of me.’ Gordon exhaled along, thoughtful sigh. ‘I want your resignation on my desk tomorrow.’

Thanks for reading! Another excerpt coming tomorrow!





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