Camp NaNo July: Bedouin Boy Page 18

glass panel of a book store
Photo by Jill Evans on

Copyright © Kate Kelsen 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Jasem stood in front of Gordon’s desk, holding his resignation in his hands. Gordon sat back in his office chair, turning slightly side to side in his office chair as he spoke.

‘The police have a suspect in custody. A seventy-year-old male. They believe he abducted Rocco for his personal sexual gratification.’

Gordon sat forward, resting his elbows on his desk and clasping his hands together, pointing his two index fingers at the paper in Jasem’s hands.

‘What’s that?’

‘My resignation, sir.’

Jasem stepped forward and placed the document on the desk in front of Gordon. Gordon folded his arms, looking up at Jasem.

‘I’d like to take you on as a consultant, Jasem.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘It won’t be full-time; we’ll call you when we need you. And we won’t be able to tell anyone the true nature of your role. But I think your ‘skills’ could be useful to us. You could help us pick juries, interview potential witnesses, and suspects in line-ups. That sort of thing. So, what do you say?’


Five Years Later

Under the shelter of his umbrella, Omid observed the bookstore from the opposite side of the street. In the window was a poster. At the top it read ‘JASEM BAHAR: LAPD MEDIUM’ and at the bottom below his picture ‘BOOK SIGNING 10TH JUNE’.

From where he sat at the signing table, Jasem couldn’t see the end of the queue, a line of endless faces with names he’d quickly forget.


He looked up, and for the first time that afternoon he recognized the person standing in front of him.

‘Papa!’ he exclaimed. ‘You came!’

‘It’s good to see you, Jasem,’ Omid smiled. ‘Are you free for coffee later?’

‘Sure. I finish up here at three.’


Jasem and Omid found a table in a quiet corner of the coffee shop, and a waiter promptly approached them to take their order.

‘So, how is the book tour going?’ Omid enquired.

‘Really well,’ said Jasem. ‘I’m going to be on TV, too.’

‘If only your mother could see you now.’

‘She can, Papa.’

An awkward silence fell upon them, momentarily relieved when the waiter returned with their coffees.

‘You have an incredible gift, Jasem,’ said Omid. ‘I know it seems like I didn’t want to listen to you when you tried to tell me about it.’

‘I always thought you were jealous that I could see Mama and you couldn’t.’

Omid nodded.

‘I miss her very much. I would give anything to see her again.’ He sighed. ‘I was

afraid for you, Jasem. This gift brought a lot of trouble for your mother, and I was afraid the same would happen to you.’


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