Playing Catch-Up: Links

I have been having so much fun posting quotes, links to interesting Halloween-themed articles, and I certainly hope you have all been enjoying the content too!
Due to some personal matters that have kept me away from my computer over the past few days I have fallen behind in my posts, so I thought I’d just combine them into one post!

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The Earlier Versions of Little Red Riding Hood Were Violent and Grotesque

5 Halloween-Appropriate Books To Read If You Don’t Like Horror


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The Wilted Rose One Year Kindle Anniversary TODAY

This one has snuck up on me!!
Today marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Kindle edition of my very first book, The Wilted Rose.
The first paperback copies of The Wilted Rose were published in October 2010, but the title was not available as an ebook until 2016.
To celebrate, the Kindle edition of The Wilted Rose is DISCOUNTED from the US Kindle store until the 20th of February!
Signed paperback copies are also available to readers in Australia!

The Wilted Rose
Revised Edition Cover (2016)

Daily Writing Inspiration

In my experiences the movie has been equally as good as the book. Sometimes the movie is BETTER than the book! What has been your experience? Leave a comment!