Payoneer Troubleshooting with Kate 101

For my author friends, or anyone who uses Payoneer to receive payments from Amazon etc.

My Payoneer card was recently blocked due to an unauthorised charge. I have since reactivated my card, however it still appeared as ‘Blocked’ on my account, and payments from Amazon continued to bounce.

I was confused, because regardless of my card being blocked, I didn’t think it would affect my account, and the ability to receive payments. Not the case apparently- if your card is blocked, you also cannot recieve payments.

So if you ever find yourself recieving payment failure notifications from Amazon, due to ‘invalid bank details’, and your card has been blocked previously, this may be the issue!

You’re welcome!


Payoneer: What You Need BEFORE You Publish On Amazon


You’ve finished your book, and had it edited 7 proofread by your friends/family/writer’s group/a professional editor.

Your manuscript is at its very best quality.

You’re SO close to realising your publishing dream!

You’re SO¬†eager just to jump in and get that darn book PUBLISHED!!

Okay, slow down. There’s still a few steps to take before publishing! Sorry, but they must be done!

The first item on the list: Create a Payoneer account. This is important if you are a non-US citizen and do not have an existing American bank account.

Using Amazon’s online publishing tools (CreateSpace/Kindle Direct Publishing) require you to have an American bank account to receive payments.

This was the point at which my brain was ready to break.

But never fear! Payoneer is here!

Payoneer is the best way to be paid by Amazon if you are a non-US citizen and you don’t have an existing American bank account. Payoneer will send you a keycard in the mail, which you can use at the ATM like any other bank card. You can also transfer funds from your Payoneer account to your other bank accounts.

Click HERE to get your Payoneer account started. It is a very easy process!

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