The New Neighbours: Excerpt




The New Neighbours (Excerpt)

Lying on her back, Lisa gazed down at her toes.

They had ballooned from their dainty size, and looked like fat little sausages standing up on the ends of her feet. She dared not move them as even the slightest twitch sent excruciating pain shooting up her legs. The bones had been shattered upon impact with the car, and the skin had turned a blotchy red and purple. She knew her chances of walking again were slim.

She had been hit while crossing the street outside her clinic. Nineteen days shy of her wedding, as fate would have it. Stepping out onto the road, she had looked up just in time to see the car. Blinded by the headlights, the next thing she knew she was laying on the asphalt. Through the blur she briefly saw the driver standing over her, before she slipped silently into unconsciousness.

The car had come out of nowhere on that fateful evening, and disappeared just as quickly. The driver had not yet turned himself in, and he continued to evade police. Lisa’s bright future had been run down with her that night.

The afternoon wedding ceremony would have taken place in Lisa’s parents’ garden. She would have shared her first kiss with Andrew as a married couple, whilst being showered with flower petals, grains of rice and cheers of joy.

Life beyond the altar had been set to unfold just as beautifully. With the help of Lisa’s parents they had purchased their first home, a small house in a lovely tree-lined neighbourhood. Lisa had been eager to start a family within the year, and she had just known Andrew would make a wonderful father. All she had wanted was to marry Andrew and settle into a modest life with him. It was to be Lisa’s little slice of heaven, and it was hard to imagine that anything could go wrong.

Along with her mobility, the union between her and her husband-to-be had been stolen from her. She would never know the true extent of the joy that wedded bliss could have awarded her and Andrew had it not been for the accident. With each passing day the dream she had cherished with Andrew seemed less and less likely to come true. She was afraid she was losing him. With each passing day she feared he was closer to the moment that his hope would fade for good. That he would yearn for a new life, a fresh start, and put her in the past where she would be a bittersweet memory. After all, he still had a chance at a real life.

Lisa could never have imagined what it would be like to be completely dependent on another person for her basic needs. There was no doubt she was loved and would be looked after, but it did not ease the sheer devastation of her incapacitation. Her world had become increasingly lonely since the accident. Day in and day out she lay in bed, staring at the walls and the ceiling, shut away from the world in a stifling bedroom.

Lisa had always dug deep to keep her hope alive in hard times, but this had knocked the wind right out of her optimism. Every single element that made up her identity had been taken from her. The energy and will to survive was wavering. What was the point if this was all there was in store for her from now on?

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