Welcome to Kate Kelsen’s author website. I have been passionately writing and self-publishing creative non-fiction stories since 2010. I take a particular interest in exploring various human experiences and perspectives to share people’s stories in the wider community. I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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My Story

From two years of age, I drew picture stories, like cartoon reels. From twelve years of age, I started to write short stories instead of drawing picture stories. After finishing high school, I completed a correspondence creative writing course which improved my writing skills. I got excited about pursuing a writing career. I entered writing competitions over those early years of writing and earned credibility.

At 21, I published my first book titled ‘The Wilted Rose’ through Andy McDermott of Publicious Book Publishing. I then taught myself how to self-publish my books and market myself as an author, online.

By 25, I wrote and self-published a short story collection of three-book series about the professional pole dancing industry – Paid to Dance.

In 2020, Coronavirus lockdowns and loss of work gave me time to rediscover the love and enthusiasm of writing and storytelling in and of itself regardless of whether I publish them or not. I am grateful for this time at home that helped me to get back in touch with that core passion that drove me to write when I was a young child. I now write and self-publish with fresh joy and love for the art itself of storytelling. 

Outside of my writing, I am a professional hula-hooper. I have travelled solo to different destinations around Australia and overseas to England, Ireland and Asia and Paris.

I volunteer as Assistant Secretary and Social Media Manager for the Gold Coast Writers Association.

Award and Recognition

In 2021, my short story titled Undetected, coauthored with Christine Betts, was selected for publishing in the Rainforest Writing Retreat Annual Anthology.

In 2016 Kate has published a collection of short stories, titled The New Neighbors, and Paid To Dance: Stripping Past and Present, a comprehensive insight into the stripping industry. In her writing, Kate takes a particular interest in exploring various human experiences and perspectives, using her writing to help to share people’s stories in the wider community.

In 2015, Kate’s story ‘The Other McEllison Boy’ was selected as a finalist in the Reader’s Digest 100 Word Short Story Competition.

In 2014 and 2015, the Hunter Writers Centre consecutively selected Kate’s entries to Grieve Writing Competition for publication in the competition’s annual anthology. In 2015 her entry, a flash fiction story titled No Questions Asked was also chosen for the inaugural Hunter Writers Centre Award.

Thank you again for visiting my author’s website and I look forward to connecting with you!

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