Resources for Writers

Here I have listed a number of resources I have found helpful on my own writing and publishing journey. Note that some resources are specific to where I live here in Queensland, Australia.

Good Luck!

The Plot Planning Sheet

The Plot Planning Sheet is an essential and extremely useful tool for planning your story.
Whether it is fiction or non fiction, a novel or a short story, the Plot Planning Sheet can help you to organise and keep track of your ideas, and track the progress of your story.

This tool helps you to define the Beginning, Build-Up and Climax of your story. The Working Plot Plan allows you to outline the Desired Emotion, Theme, and Dramatic Highspot, and the Main Character’s Purpose.  The first and second plot units detail the Focal Points and the Main Characters Response.

This document is split into two parts: one example Plot Planning Sheet, which tells you how to use each section. You then have the blank Plot Planning Sheet for you to fill in.

Click HERE to easily download your copy of The Plot Planning Sheet from Google Docs.

Making a book available for pre-order is a great way to increase sales and build anticipation for your book before it is published. Amazon Advantage is a program that enables you to list your CreateSpace paperback book for pre-order on Amazon.

How to add a book to the Amazon Advantage program (Alex Hurst):

Amazon Advantage website:

Ribbet Photo Editor

Ribbet is similar to PicMonkey, however PicMonkey requires you to sign up for a 7-day free trial or an account (which includes a fee). Ribbet allows you to use their site at your leisure without creating an account or signing up for a free trial.

Stock Photos

Stock photos are an easily affordable option for creating quality book covers. There are a number of stock photo websites around, but although they advertise themselves as ‘free’, many still require you to pay for the images upon downloading them.
As an author, the two best sites I have come across are iStock and Dreamstime. They have a great supply of quality stock images that match keyword searches well.


WordPress is a website creation tool, the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system. You can create and design personal websites and blogs using the various design tools and features. WordPress also provide a series of educational videos to help you set up and use your site.


Queensland Writers Centre

QWC is a not-for-profit membership organisation that supports, celebrates and showcases Queensland writers and writing in all its forms, working with members and partners to promote a vibrant and diverse writing community across Queensland. Members are published authors, emerging writers, children’s authors and illustrators, screenwriters, journalists, editors, agents, publishers, poets, storytellers, playwrights, cultural producers, freelance writers, teachers, academics and critics.

Queensland Writers Centre: The Writers Surgery mentorship program

The Writer’s Surgery program connects members and writers to experienced industry professionals for advice and feedback on their projects. This advice may include writing practice, writing craft, manuscript development, industry advice, formatting and presentation. This program aims to foster professional practice and provide writers with objective one-on-one advice and feedback in a supportive environment.

Australian Writers Marketplace

The Australian Writer’s Marketplace is Australia and New Zealand’s only guide to the writing industry. While providing submission and contact details for the print media and publishing industry, it also includes support organisations and information services, a range of writing courses and workshops, literary events and competitions, and services for each stage of the writing, editing and publication process.

Good luck with your writing and publishing endeavours!