UPDATE: New Releases

Hello hello! I've been quiet on the blog front for the past few months, as I have been so busy with study and working on my two new releases, Bedouin Boy and Grave Bargains, ahead of their release dates on Halloween and Friday the 13th of November. I am still sharing my Daily Writing Inspiration... Continue Reading →

The Wilted Rose: Queensland Mental Health Week

6-14th October is Queensland Mental Health Week here in Australia. In my writing, I take a particular interest in exploring various human experiences and perspectives, using my writing to help to share people’s stories in the wider community. Since its publication in 2011 I've used my debut novel The Wilted Rose to help raise awareness... Continue Reading →

Happy International Nurse’s Day

Saturday 12th of May was International Nurses Day, celebrating the contribution that nurses make to societies around the world. Organised annually by the International Council of Nurses, the date has a very strong significance, being the birthday of perhaps the world’s most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale. I had been wanting to create a special post... Continue Reading →

Book Talk from Miami/Burleigh Lookout!

This final Christmas book talk comes to you from the spectacular Miami/North Burleigh lookout on the amazing Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, just before a MASSIVE thunderstorm rolls in! In this short video I’m talking about my book The Wilted Rose, and why it will make a fantastic gift! Give the gift of reading this Christmas! Click... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Week Spotlight: Mental Health Carers Australia

Today my Mental Health Week focus is on Mental Health Carers Australia. Formerly known as ARAFMI (Association of Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill) Mental Health Carers Australia’s mission is to represent at a national level the interests and concerns of families and others voluntarily caring for people with mental illness throughout Australia. Initially... Continue Reading →

National Mental Health Week Spotlight: PANDA

Today my Mental Health Week focus is on PANDA, Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia. The Perinatal period extends from when pregnancy begins to the first year after the baby is born. PANDA provides a vital service across Australia by offering the only specialist national perinatal mental health telephone counselling service, as well as reducing stigma around... Continue Reading →

National Mental Health Week Spotlight: COPMI

Mental illness effects everyone in the family, not just the person with the illness. Over a million Australian children have at least one parent with a mental illness.  These children may face many challenges. A range of factors associated with families where a parent experiences mental illness can have a negative impact on a child’s... Continue Reading →

LAUNCH TODAY: Paid To Dance: Stripping Past & Present

It's today! Paid To Dance is NOW AVAILABLE from Amazon in paperback and Kindle Ebook! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAs-2Hb6y4c&feature=youtu.be   Paid To Dance: Stripping Past & Present is a comprehensive insight into the mysterious world of exotic dance. Throughout history, exotic entertainment has existed in cultures around the world as a form of expression and appreciation. The book opens... Continue Reading →

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