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National Mental Health Week Spotlight: The Compassionate Friends


Today my Mental Health Week focus is on The Compassionate Friends Australia

The mission of The Compassionate Friends in Australia is to offer and provide friendship and support to bereaved parents and their families following the death of child at any age and from any cause.


The vision of The Compassionate Friends is for all Australian bereaved parents and their families to be provided with appropriate support following the death of child. This vision is implemented by:

  • increasing awareness of the services provided by the Compassionate Friends in Australia
  • increasing collaboration and communication between the various TCF organisations throughout Australia
  • providing technology-based solutions to the problems imposed on the delivery of our services by the geography of Australia and our dispersed population.

The Compassionate Friends is an international organisation, with chapters in Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe, South Africa and the US. Find out more about The Compassionate Friends Australia by visiting their website:

The Wilted Rose

The Wilted Rose is the story of one Australian family’s struggle with mental illness during the 1960s and 70s. The story depicts the rise and fall of ambitious young woman Sarah Ross, whose pursuit of a nursing career in the 1950s is challenged by tradition and religion. After Sarah’s mental health deteriorates, her dedicated husband Jack adopts the role of her carer, and their daughter Grace must survive adolescence through great adversity, before their family finally receive a definitive diagnosis for Sarah’s condition. The Wilted Rose is a moving story of passion, heartache, and unbreakable family bonds.

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Mental health support is so very important not only for sufferers but for their families as well. I am so proud that I can use my book to draw much needed attention to this worthy cause.

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