UPDATE: PSA Aussie authors using Createspace/Kindle Direct Publishing

So I got a response from KDP Support about ordering author copies, and readers ordering books to Australia. Proof and author copies are no longer be able to be shipped to Australian addresses. The reason being, to remain compliant with changes to the GST law in Australia, they've changed the way KDP authors in Australia... Continue Reading →

A 1960s Aussie Christmas

As Christmas fast approaches, I thought I would take my readers back in time a little. My novel The Wilted Rose tells of several family Christmases throughout the 1960s and 70s, as the Brooker family spend their summer holidays in the Moreton Bay Peninsula. Merry Christmas, and enjoy this free excerpt! https://youtu.be/IM5TolaDReo The Wilted Rose... Continue Reading →

Give the gift of reading this Christmas!

Look no further than books for Christmas! From suspenseful fiction to intriguing nonfiction and historical family sagas, my titles are available worldwide in print and Kindle ebook! Visit the Buy Books page to view and purchase my books in time for Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Mental Health Week Spotlight: Mental Health Carers Australia

Today my Mental Health Week focus is on Mental Health Carers Australia. Formerly known as ARAFMI (Association of Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill) Mental Health Carers Australia’s mission is to represent at a national level the interests and concerns of families and others voluntarily caring for people with mental illness throughout Australia. Initially... Continue Reading →

National Mental Health Week Spotlight: COPMI

Mental illness effects everyone in the family, not just the person with the illness. Over a million Australian children have at least one parent with a mental illness.  These children may face many challenges. A range of factors associated with families where a parent experiences mental illness can have a negative impact on a child’s... Continue Reading →

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