Book Talk from Miami/Burleigh Lookout!

This final Christmas book talk comes to you from the spectacular Miami/North Burleigh lookout on the amazing Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, just before a MASSIVE thunderstorm rolls in! In this short video I’m talking about my book The Wilted Rose, and why it will make a fantastic gift! Give the gift of reading this Christmas! Click... Continue Reading →

Book Talk from the Gold Coast: The New Neighbours & The Wilted Rose

Look no further than books for Christmas! In this short video, filmed at Miami Beach on the beautiful Gold Coast, I'm talking about two of my books, The New Neighbours and The Wilted Rose, and why they will make fantastic gifts! Give the gift of reading this Christmas! Click on the following links to view... Continue Reading →

Finding great gift ideas this Christmas could be as simple as scrolling through your newsfeed/friends list!

  Avoid the crowds this Christmas while supporting artists and creators! Think of the following: -Photographers -Poets -Musicians -Visual artists -Bodypainters -Authors  A scroll through your newsfeed could uncover some hidden creators! And if you don't know any, find them! Its as easy as a trip to your local market or a visit to Etsy!

Planning your Christmas Shopping? Think Of Artists and Creators!

This Christmas, I encourage you to think of artists and creators when your planning and buying your presents. Investing in creators is a FANTASTIC way to support them in their arts practice (which will make you feel AWESOME) AND find some amazing gifts with a personal touch! Think of the following: Photographers Poets Musicians/Singers/Bands Visual... Continue Reading →

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