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Planning your Christmas Shopping? Think Of Artists and Creators!


This Christmas, I encourage you to think of artists and creators when your planning and buying your presents. Investing in creators is a FANTASTIC way to support them in their arts practice (which will make you feel AWESOME) AND find some amazing gifts with a personal touch!

Think of the following:

  • Photographers
  • Poets
  • Musicians/Singers/Bands
  • Visual Artists (Sketchers, Painters etc)
  • Bodypainters
  • Authors

    A scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and friends list could uncover some hidden creators you didn’t know you knew! And if you don’t know any creators (HIGHLY unlikely) its easy to find them! All it could take is a trip to your local craft market or a visit to Etsy!

    Instead of handing your cash over to the big chains this festive season, consider INVESTING in a local creator’s product or service. You could buy their book, commission a sketch or painting, or see if any of these creators offer gift vouchers!

    Season’s Greetings everyone!

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.


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