Enabling Distribution on IngramSpark

The final short video in the learning series on IngramSpark's website. Now there is only an hour-long webinar on Interior Book Design left and I will be starting to prepare my own books to publish on IngramSpark. I hope that by sharing these videos with you they have been helpful to you if you too... Continue Reading →

Your Book Launch: Physical Or Online?

In this day and age of technology, there are more options for your book launch than having at a book store or other physical venue. Online book launches have become a 'thing' for many authors, and are a great way to reach a broader audience around the world. However, both physical and online book launches... Continue Reading →

So You’re Ready To Publish- Now What?

CONGRATULATIONS!! You've FINISHED writing your book! You've conquered your fear and shaped a satisfactory and conclusive ending! And now you've decided you'd like to publish your book. Wonderful!! It's an exciting stage to be at in the book creation process. But there are still a few steps that need to be taken before you see... Continue Reading →

FREE Download: The Plot Planning Sheet

The Plot Planning Sheet is an essential and useful tool for planning your story. It is now listed Resources For Writers section of this site, and available as an easy download from Google Docs! Whether it is fiction or non fiction, a novel or a short story, the Plot Planning Sheet can help you to... Continue Reading →

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