How to Master Your Edit Without Wasting Time and Money

After a very busy week and a half, finally diving back into the Ingramspark learning videos!

I apologize, most of the webinars I have watched and shared have recently been removed from the Ingramspark website. They were a few years old so I’d guess that’s why. Thanks to author Christine Betts for alerting me to this when the link to one of them didn’t work. I have since deleted the posts containing links to videos that are no longer available.

However there are still a number of educational videos on Ingramspark’s website, two webinars about an hour in length and a bunch of shorter videos which are between 3-10 minutes. I hope they are helpful.

Here is the one I have watched today. I found it very helpful in clarifying the different kinds of edits available, and how to decide which is most suitable for your manuscript in its current state.


Green-Light Your Book

Opportunities for Authors in the New Era of Book Publishing.



Embarking on the IngramSpark Journey…

Hi all,

Apologies that this blog has been quiet over the past month or so.

As many of you are aware, about two years ago I was unfortunate enough to be barred for life from using Kindle Direct Publishing to publish and distribute my books. This was a heartbreaking time for me, as I was, and still am, completely clueless as to why they were flagged and why I have been banned.

However! I soldier on!

Learning IngramSpark is something I have been wanting to do for years, but amidst many significant life changes and shifts, I didn’t feel I had the time and energy. However, finally I do feel like the time is right.

I’ve recently started the process of preparing to re-publish all of my books on IngramSpark, and I ave wanted to start this process by working my way through IngramSpark’s educational videos. I will be sharing them here if you would like to join me.

There are a handful of very short videos about 1-3 minutes long, and a bunch of long ones, about 1 hour long. I will start with the short ones. Keep an eye out for these posts, and I hope they’re helpful. The IngramSpark educational videos can be found here:


Happy writing!