Interior Book Design

A 1- hour webinar about interior book cover design. Not a guide to Ingram’s specifics, and a lot of the info may be familiar to those of you who have already formatted your own book interiors. The info I found most interesting was that about page numbers and having the odd page numbers on the right. Also leaving page numbers off blank pages completely in your book.

I hope that sharing these videos has been helpful to you. I will be sharing much more as I dive into the Ingramspark publishing process with my own titles.



Market Pricing on IngramSpark

Basically a continuation on from the Print & Ebook pricing videos shared earlier.


IngramSpark Title Setup Screen 4 – Print Format

A quick guide to selecting the print format for your book in the title setup process.

This video DOES NOT give in-depth guides to formatting your book interior for publishing on IngramSpark. There is a longer video titled ‘Interior Book Design’ that I suspect will address this, and I will post about it when I watch it myself.

For now, here’s this one: