Interior Book Design

A 1- hour webinar about interior book cover design. Not a guide to Ingram’s specifics, and a lot of the info may be familiar to those of you who have already formatted your own book interiors. The info I found most interesting was that about page numbers and having the odd page numbers on the right. Also leaving page numbers off blank pages completely in your book.

I hope that sharing these videos has been helpful to you. I will be sharing much more as I dive into the Ingramspark publishing process with my own titles.



Enabling Distribution on IngramSpark

The final short video in the learning series on IngramSpark’s website. Now there is only an hour-long webinar on Interior Book Design left and I will be starting to prepare my own books to publish on IngramSpark.

I hope that by sharing these videos with you they have been helpful to you if you too are looking to publish through IngramSpark.


Loading Promotion Codes on IngramSpark

Promo codes can beĀ  added at the end of the Title Setup process.

  1. Once files are uploaded, press ‘continue’.
  2. Content Validation screen- press ‘Authorize’ and ‘Yes’ to fix files
  3. On the Title Submission page, enter the promo code (codes are case sensitive)
  4. Recalculate the price