Embarking on the IngramSpark Journey…

Hi all,

Apologies that this blog has been quiet over the past month or so.

As many of you are aware, about two years ago I was unfortunate enough to be barred for life from using Kindle Direct Publishing to publish and distribute my books. This was a heartbreaking time for me, as I was, and still am, completely clueless as to why they were flagged and why I have been banned.

However! I soldier on!

Learning IngramSpark is something I have been wanting to do for years, but amidst many significant life changes and shifts, I didn’t feel I had the time and energy. However, finally I do feel like the time is right.

I’ve recently started the process of preparing to re-publish all of my books on IngramSpark, and I ave wanted to start this process by working my way through IngramSpark’s educational videos. I will be sharing them here if you would like to join me.

There are a handful of very short videos about 1-3 minutes long, and a bunch of long ones, about 1 hour long. I will start with the short ones. Keep an eye out for these posts, and I hope they’re helpful. The IngramSpark educational videos can be found here:



Happy writing!


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