Daily Writing Inspiration

Have you been feeling creative during lockdown? Or has this period been creatively challenging? How have your creative plans and goals changed during this time? Personally, I am a homebody anyway, so not much has changed for me from my regular routine. But I know that I am in a fortunate position to be able... Continue Reading →

Daily Writing Inspiration

Right now, a lot of people are going to be in their own space, for what could be the first time in their lives. They are being forced to sit with themselves, especially if they are self isolating alone. A perfect opportunity to take a good hard look at your priorities and goals, and what... Continue Reading →

Daily Writing Inspiration

This year one of my goals was to study. My experiences with traditional education haven't been great. I experienced learning difficulties throughout my schooling, which caused me to create a lot of negative stories about the education system. I did not finish high school and before now have not undertaken any tertiary education since I... Continue Reading →

Daily Writing Inspiration

Could not be more relevant than right now. You may be disheartened. Your goals may have been postponed, or changed completely by this trying time we find ourselves in. The world has grinded to a halt, and as a result, so have many of our goals. Book marketing and promotion might seem a bit pointless... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

As I start to write this, there is precisely seven hours and fifty-five minutes left before 2020 arrives. As are many, I'm reflecting on the year that was, and the year that is to be. As it has been for many others, 2019 has been an absolute roller-coaster for me, personally and as a writer.... Continue Reading →

2018: What The F%#k was That??

I’m sitting here writing this on Sunday December 30th, at the exit station of this rollercoaster of a year. Looking back in exhausted bewilderment at the 365 days just gone. Thinking ‘What the f%#k was that?’ For me, 2018 has proved to be a major evolutionary stage. I’m still coming to terms with this transformation... Continue Reading →

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