Releasing the Pressure.

Last night I came down with a cervicogenic headache. The result of way too much time spent sitting at the computer over the past few weeks, putting unnecessary stress on myself to be productive with all this extra free time. I recently finished typing the revised edition of my book Paid To Dance: Asha’s Story... Continue Reading →

How Isolation Is Helping Me Slow Down and Enjoy The Journey of Writing and Publishing

Last night I laid awake all night. I felt so restless when I first went to bed, and after hours of lying there staring at the ceiling, I started to feel claustrophobic. I felt so unsettled, and I wanted to cry, but I didn't know why. Was it because of everything that's going on in... Continue Reading →

Grieve Writing Competition Entry 1

As many of you already know, in March of this year, my long term relationship ended, and with it my time living on the Gold Coast. For two years I had been caring for my fiancé, who suffered a debilitating back injury at work in January 2017. I thought the past 24 months had been... Continue Reading →

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