30 & 90 Day Plans: An Easier Way To Manage Your Writing/Publishing Goals In 2018

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely THANK each and every one of you for your readership of this blog throughout 2017, and I sincerely hope my posts have been informative and inspiring to you. Your part in this little writing community is more valuable than you can imagine! https://youtu.be/YCfg_b3q4SI... Continue Reading →

Friday Blog Post: The Plot Planning Sheet

The concept of the Plot Planning Sheet is something I learned whilst undertaking a writing course about ten years ago. It is a fantastic tool for writers at any stage of their craft, but is especially useful for beginners. The Sheet can be used for short stories and longer works like novels. In this post... Continue Reading →

Three Tips On Experimenting With A New Genre

As an author I classify myself as 'Genre Agnostic'. I learned this title at a writer's group meeting I attended some years ago. Genre agnostic basically means you write in a variety of genres. I myself have written historical fiction, non fiction, creative non-fiction, psychological suspense and am currently working on a series of crime... Continue Reading →

Three Tips For Beginner Writers

I am only twenty-seven but still it has been a long and challenging journey of learning, integrating into the greater writing community and working towards sharing my writing with the world. It has often been a lonely journey, and for alot of it I have had to figure out the way on my own. My... Continue Reading →

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