Hints and Tips for Writers

FREE Download: The Plot Planning Sheet

The Plot Planning Sheet is an essential and useful tool for planning your story. It is now listed Resources For Writers section of this site, and available as an easy download from Google Docs!

Whether it is fiction or non fiction, a novel or a short story, the Plot Planning Sheet can help you to organise and keep track of your ideas, and track the progress of your story.

This tool helps you to define the Beginning, Build-Up and Climax of your story. The Working Plot Plan allows you to outline the Desired Emotion, Theme, and Dramatic Highspot, and the Main Character’s Purpose.  The first and second plot units detail the Focal Points and the Main Characters Response.

This document is split into two parts: one example Plot Planning Sheet, which tells you how to use each section. You then have the blank Plot Planning Sheet for you to fill in.




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