Hints and Tips for Writers

How to Master Your Edit Without Wasting Time and Money

After a very busy week and a half, finally diving back into the Ingramspark learning videos!

I apologize, most of the webinars I have watched and shared have recently been removed from the Ingramspark website. They were a few years old so I’d guess that’s why. Thanks to author Christine Betts for alerting me to this when the link to one of them didn’t work. I have since deleted the posts containing links to videos that are no longer available.

However there are still a number of educational videos on Ingramspark’s website, two webinars about an hour in length and a bunch of shorter videos which are between 3-10 minutes. I hope they are helpful.

Here is the one I have watched today. I found it very helpful in clarifying the different kinds of edits available, and how to decide which is most suitable for your manuscript in its current state.


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