Mental Health Week Spotlight: Mental Health Carers Australia

Today my Mental Health Week focus is on Mental Health Carers Australia.

Formerly known as ARAFMI (Association of Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill) Mental Health Carers Australia’s mission is to represent at a national level the interests and concerns of families and others voluntarily caring for people with mental illness throughout Australia.



Initially founded through the grassroots efforts of mental health carers as the national network of Arafmi services, Mental Health Carers Australia seeks to:

-Advocate on behalf of carers
-Explore and strengthen the mental health caring role
-Develop knowledge, improve skills and offer support to reduce isolation and enhance the caring journey

The Mental Health Carers Australia member organisations services across Australia are:
-Mental Health Carers Tasmania
-Mind Australia
-Arafmi Mental Health Carers and Friends Association (WA) Inc
-Mental Illness Fellowship NT
-Mental Health Carers Arafmi Qld
-Arafmi NSW

Member organisations have been providing information and support to carers across Australia for over 30 years. Initially founded through the grassroots efforts of mental health carers, Mental Health Carers Australia seeks to explore and strengthen the mental health caring role, develop knowledge, improve skills and offer support to reduce isolation and enhance the caring journey.The Mental Health Carers Australia grew out of the national movement of ARAFMI organisations across Australia. Originally ARAFMI was an acronym for Association of Relatives And Friends of the Mentally Ill.

The first ARAFMI group was formed in Sydney in 1975 by a concerned group of carers who identified the need for a service that would specifically address the concerns of carers, relatives and friends.

The movement quickly spread to other States and to the  Territories and ARAFMI became the primary provider of services for carers of people with a mental illness in Australia.

The Mental Health Carers Arafmi Australia was incorporated in October 1998.

In 2016 the organisation is known as Mental Health Carers Australia.

Find out more about Mental Health Carers Australia by visiting their website:


The Wilted Rose

The Wilted Rose is the story of one Australian family’s struggle with mental illness during the 1960s and 70s. The story depicts the rise and fall of ambitious young woman Sarah Ross, whose pursuit of a nursing career in the 1950s is challenged by tradition and religion. After Sarah’s mental health deteriorates, her dedicated husband Jack adopts the role of her carer, and their daughter Grace must survive adolescence through great adversity, before their family finally receive a definitive diagnosis for Sarah’s condition. The Wilted Rose is a moving story of passion, heartache, and unbreakable family bonds.

The Wilted Rose Book Cover Paint

Between 9-15th October, the first chapter of The Wilted Rose will be FREE to read on my website HERE. The Kindle ebook is available for just 99c (save $2).

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Mental health support is so very important not only for sufferers but for their families as well. I am so proud that I can use my book to draw much needed attention to this worthy cause.

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