The revise that feels like it will never end…

So today I planned to individually upload and publish all the short stories from The New Neighbours to Kindle. Well, that ended up happening last night instead. I went to bed at 6am. I want this revise finished with every fibre of my being.
When I started the revise of this book and its stories a few weeks ago I never would have imagined how hard it would be. I have had sleepless nights. I’ve become a neurotic obsessive perfectionist mess. I’m ready to cry. I wasn’t looking forward to doing it. I want to work on new writing, but I also want my existing stories and books to be the very best they can be.
So please share the link below. For the love of God, please share it and make the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile.


UPDATE: PSA Aussie authors using Createspace/Kindle Direct Publishing

So I got a response from KDP Support about ordering author copies, and readers ordering books to Australia.

Proof and author copies are no longer be able to be shipped to Australian addresses. The reason being, to remain compliant with changes to the GST law in Australia, they’ve changed the way KDP authors in Australia access their books on Amazon. Authors can purchase retail copies of their paperbacks at full price through a Global Store option on These changes do not affect the ability to continue to list your books on their international sites or have them shipped to eligible non-Australian addresses.

Looks like I might be heading to IngramSpark…


PSA Fellow Aussie Authors

Ahhh the Amazon saga continues *sigh*

If you have published books through Createpace and have not yet moved them/had them automatically moved across to KDP, it might be a good idea to order some printed copies from Createspace prior to the move. I’ve just tried to order author copies but was unable to because deliveries ‘cannot be made to Australia from the US store’

Apparently it is still possible for authors and readers in Australia to order books from the US Amazon store, it just requires some communication between the author and Amazon’s support team. I’m waiting to hear back about the next step, but the responses I’ve received have been prompt and helpful in the past. I’ll update when I know more.

I just don’t want other Aussie authors to get stuck unexpectedly, especially when you’ve got upcoming events you need stock for!