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International Women’s Day Feature Author: MC D’alton

My next Feature Author is MC D’alton writes spicy contemporary romance  and spicy fantasy romance with a Celtic flavour.  MC Dalton’s South African heritage brings a gritty edge to her writing that packs a powerful emotional punch. MC writes tough, strong heroines and hero’s evolved enough to handle them.

“My real name is Michelle De Bruyn (pronounced Da Brain), but I write under the pen name MC Dalton. Dalton being my great grandfather’s last name. A man I have come to admire through stories passed on over the years.

I was born in South Africa; we immigrated five years ago. The we being; my husband and triplet sons. I have lived on the Sunshine Coast, Alstonville NSW and have finally settled just north of Brisbane.

What I like to write crosses/encompases many genres, but mostly it’s romance. Fantasy romance to be more precise. I love the world of make believe, and yummy dudes, and
strong heroines.

It’s a challenge writing a contemporary novel as I always tend toward the magical, fantasy and paranormal. Then again, love in all forms is magical, is it not?

My WordPress site is full of short stories based on the many ideas which have flitted around in my head. It’s not perfect writing, and most need some editing, but it’s mine,
and it’s a taste of what I hope to get out there one day.

What got me interested in writing was perhaps the endless hours I spent
running around on our acreage in South Africa as a child, daydreaming. There was also my great grandmother, who filled the many hours I spent in her company in the holidays with stories of her life. She was a fantastic storyteller with a solid gold imagination.

I have put stories onto paper since I can remember. I day dream a lot and have given my husband numerous heart attacks when jumping out of bed in the dead of night to jot
down a scene or idea which came to me. I was never any good at writing until recently. I am dyslexic and almost shunned writing forever when my year four teacher put me in
front of the class and ridiculed me for writing backward. Thankfully I inherited my nana’s stubborn genes and never gave up.

I took my writing seriously about two and a half years ago. I had to stop nursing due to a serious injury and so fell back onto my second, which is now my first love – writing.

I love the feel of pen on paper as my world, and its inhabitants come to life. The personalities that blossom as my fingers tap away on the keyboard and the stories that
unfold as I immerse myself into a realm all my making.

Okay, and I love the fact that others will read it and lose themselves in it too.

I also love the amount of amazing friends I have made. There is something to be said about us writers, our loyalty, compassion and support for one another is rare and



You can find out more about the writings of MC D’Alton HERE:



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