Kate's Writing Journey

Why Do I Care?

This week is National Carer’s Week here in Australia (14-20th October).

In January 2017 my fiance Greg suffered a debilitating work-related back injury, and for the past nineteen months I have been his unpaid carer. The road to recovery is slow and uncertain, and  for both of us it has been an incredibly challenging journey, physically, mentally and emotionally.

In July of this year I had the opportunity to tell our story through a writing competition run by Carers Queensland for National Carers Week. This is the story I wrote. I’d also love to hear your stories in the comments below.

Why Do I Care?

Why do I care? I care because I love him. Because before Greg’s injury, we had a life together. We are young, and we had plans; we would have been married this year. But like the no-win-no-fee TV ads say, Greg was wronged. He had to stop everything: working, playing cricket, boxing, riding his motorbike. I do the heavy lifting now; the shopping, the cleaning,carrying the bags. I drive the car. I put his socks on.

The burden has nearly broken us many times. Its not fair, and I’ve been bitter. I could have walked away, found an able man. But I continue to care because I won’t let eighteen months ruin what we’ve built over eight years. I blindly trust there are better times ahead. Nothing is certain, but we’ve gotten this far. If we can survive this, we can survive anything. That’s why I care.



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