Inspiration For Writers

Feeling guilty for being creative/productive?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I know that I am in an incredibly fortunate position whilst in lockdown. My stress levels are relatively low, and for the most part I am able to enjoy being at home, and have the privilege of having the mental and emotional energy to be creative and productive during this time.

A lot of people have gotten on the defensive recently about being guilted into being productive with all this spare time. Everyone is dealing with this difficult time the best way they can on an individual basis. For some this means not being creative at all, and that is perfectly alright. Many people are grieving the things that have shifted in their lives.

But should those of us who are being creative and/or productive during this time feel bad about it? Should we withold from sharing our progress and successes so as not to upset those who are struggling?

Of course not.

What about the people who we are inspiring? Those people may be struggling too, and by sharing our successes we might just be motivating them, or at least bringing some positivity into their day.

Yes, many people are in survival mode, and they simply don’t feel inspired. No, they shouldn’t feel guilty for it. But, these are personal feelings, and are ultimately the responsibility of the individual. What upsets one person may inspire another. It is not up to everyone else to make those that are struggling feel less bad by not sharing their positive news.

I hope that my daily writing inspirational posts are a light for you on your dark days.

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