Kate's Writing Journey

Believe in your dreams, even now.

My writing goals have transitioned well during this strange time.
During lockdown, I have worked hard to get some tasks on my to-do list done, including re-publishing all of my previous releases to Kobo and Google Play Books.

My travel goals have not transitioned so well. I’ve been faced with some very challenging questions during my self-introspection, and I have spent quite a bit of time wondering how my travel wish-list will be impacted by this pandemic. I have had to let go of what I thought my travels would look like, to allow for a new picture to be painted.

My passion for exploring the world is as ingrained in me as my passion for writing. Just like my love of the written word, I feel like I was born with a passion for travel, and that it is part of my life’s purpose to have these experiences. And, like my passion for storytelling, I feel somewhere inside me that even this pandemic will not stop me from fulfilling my life’s purpose of world exploration.


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