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‘Just keep following the heartlines on your hand’.

A few years ago I stumbled across a piece of writing from the New York Times called ‘Musicians’ by David Ackert. I have carried this piece of writing with me since, and it is by far one of the singlemost inspiring texts I have ever read. The text originally refers to musicians, but it is so relatable for any kind of artist. In this post I have replaced the word ‘Musician’ with ‘Writer’.

I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me!

‘Artists are some of the most driven, courageous people on the face of the earth. They deal with more day to day rejection in one year than most people do in a lifetime. Everyday, artists face the financial challenge of living a freelance lifestyle, the disrespect of people who think they should get real jobs, or their own fear that they’ll never succeed. Everyday, they have to ignore the possibility that the vision they have dedicated their lives to is a pipe dream. With every story they stretch themselves, emotionally and physically, risking criticism and judgement. With every passing year, many of them watch as the other people their age achieve the predictable milestones of normal life- the car, the family, the house, the nest egg. Why? Because writers are willing to give their entire lives to a moment that will stir the reader’s soul. Writers are beings who have tasted life’s nectar in that crystal moment when they poured out their creative spirit and touched another’s heart. In that instant, they were as close to magic, God, and perfection as anyone could ever be. And in their own hearts, they know that to dedicate oneself to that moment is worth a thousand lifetimes.’~ David Ackert

I have also included a YouTube link to a song by Florence and the Machine called ‘Heartlines’. The chorus lyrics go like this:

Just keep following the heartlines on your hand.
Just keep following the heartlines on your hand.
Keep it up, I know you can.
Just keep following the heartlines on your hand.



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