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Ireland 2017: 31 Days, 31 Pictures: Day 12-St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church

Day 12: St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church

The Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas is a medieval church building in Galway. It is a collegiate church (established under two or more church leaders) and the parish church of St. Nicholas’ Church of Ireland parish, which covers Galway city. It was founded in 1320 and dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra, the patron saint of seafarers, in recognition of Galway’s status as a port.


In September 2002 the Collegiate Church attracted controversy when it was the scene of the first public blessing for a same-sex couple in an Irish church. The Avowing Friendship service for a lesbian couple, it was reported, was conducted by the rector. The  Bishop of Tuam prohibited any further services of this kind, and Towers agreed to abide by this ruling.

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