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Ireland: 31 Days, 31 Pictures: Day 27- Stone Walls

Day 27: Stone Walls

The stone walls really are of the most impressive and peculiar sights on Inis Óirr. The criss-cross walls define the farmers fields, and collectively add up to thousands of miles.

I had walked up to O’Brien’s Castle only to find the grounds closed off to visitors (being March it was still off-peak season for the island). So I continued to walk, following the road toward the other side of the island.

The north and south sides of the island are drastically different from one another. The northern side is protected from the wide open ocean and it’s harsh conditions, and so understandably this is where the pier and village are located. On the northern side, you’ll find civilisation, with homes, pubs, restaurants, a school and an airport. The southern side is virtually deserted.


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