Kate's Writing Journey

Late night ravings…

We are not two weeks into 2020 and my writing goals have already changed…

Well, changed back really. To my original writing goals for the first quarter of the New Year.

I had originally planned to hit the New Year running with a rewrite of my book Paid To Dance: Asha’s Story Part Two. Then I decided to move that to the second quarter, and work on stories for the revamped edition of my short story collection The New Neighbors.

Now I’m back to the first plan. And my brain hurts already. In addition to favouring instant gratification, I’m not always the best with change, also not a great attribute for a writer.

The reason for this change is that I have recently decided to study this year, and figure that working on short stories is going to be easier whilst studying than doing a whole book rewrite. So best get the big job done before said study begins.

One thing I know is that no matter what I do this year, I don’t want to lose touch with my writing. Writing is more important to me than anything else in the world.

And I want to get all my previously published titles BACK into distribution, so that I can focus on new projects.

It all feels a bit overwhelming right now. I’m sure once I get some words on paper tomorrow I’ll feel much better.

Night all!

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