On Saturday, I became the President of the Gold Coast Writer’s Association.

The Gold Coast Writer’s Association (or GCWA for short) is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to encourage and support writers from all genres, age groups, and levels of experience, to grow, learn, and excel in their craft. I attended my first GCWA meeting back in early 2018 as a guest, and joined the committee for the first time in 2019. Since then I have served as a general committee member, Social Media Manager, Vice President and now, President.

I never thought I would take on a leadership role like this.

Throughout my working life, I have shied away from management roles. I feared being in charge, because I was scared I wouldn’t know what to do, especially when things went wrong. I was scared of confrontation. Of looking silly, to the people I worked with and worked for. I felt intimidated amongst leaders, like an imposter.

I was forced to face this fear of management when I started my current job in retail two years ago. While I was a sales assistant, I was still required to work in the store on my own for the majority of the time, except for a brief crossover with my store manager. The day before my first shift working alone, I had an anxiety attack. I was crying over the phone to my mum. I was paralysed by the fear of getting it wrong.

When our former GCWA President Kellie, also a good friend and fellow writer, invited me to join her as Vice President for the 2021-2022 term, I must admit I was hesitant. But I took on the role. I co-hosted our monthly meetings and joined Kellie at a handful of literary events and meetings. I enjoyed this experience, but when Kellie approached me about taking on the President’s role for the 2022-23 term, I already had an answer for her. No.

Still dragging around limiting beliefs about myself and my capabilities, I did not want to take on the responsibility. The thought of being in charge of a group of people absolutely terrified me, for so many reasons.

Then I went to the NT Writer’s Festival in Darwin in June of this year.

I was so very inspired by this event, particularly by the immersion of indigenous culture with storytelling, and returned home with a vision of potential for my writing community here on the Gold Coast. As Australian storytellers, we have so much to learn from our First Nations people, and I was inspired to work towards connecting with local indigenous communities here on the Gold Coast. With this new vision, and many more ideas, I agreed to take on the President’s role at the upcoming AGM.

And now, two months later, here I am.

I must admit I experienced a wave of existential dread in the forty-eight hours following Saturday’s meeting. Wondering if I’ve made the right choice after all. Wondering if I’m up to the job. But my excitement overrides my nerves. I have so many ideas, and a fantastic team to work with to continue to grow our community.

If you live on the Gold Coast and are interested in joining us at the GCWA, visit our website:

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