Goodbye My Love – The Wilted Rose


Image by Alan from Pixabay

The true story continues with Sarah and George feeling comfortable and familiar in their relationship. It felt like the time was right to move to the next level and get engaged. How will Sarah’s parents react to George asking them for Sarah’s hand in marriage? Will they accept him into their family circle?

Sarah and George felt confident that both of their parents would approve of their plan as both of them were devoted Christians, which was a strict requirement for them to be allowed to marryBut that was a stumbling block they had not expected. Beverley Joy

Book Excerpt – The Wilted Rose Part 2 – The Rose Blossom:

George knelt before her.  

‘Sarah, will you marry me?’  

She laughed once, throwing her head back.  

‘Would you be my wife?’ George persisted. ‘Will you let me look after you? I’ll start coming to your church…’ 

Sarah pinched her mouth to one corner. George kissed her hands.  

‘I’m sorry, George. It’s not that simple.’ 

He looked up at her, his smile fading.  

‘I wish I could, but I couldn’t live with myself. The rejection of my family would be too much for me.’  

She withdrew her hand from his.  

 ‘I’m so sorry,’ she whimpered. ‘I have to go.’  

She turned and hurried back toward the house, ignoring his desperate calls. She reached the gate, hurrying up the front path, and briefly caught her mother’s gaze as she passed the living room. In her bedroom, she sat down on the edge of her bed, panting over her racing heart. She removed her glasses, lowered her head, and cried.  

For hours she cried loud and painful. Just as the love had spilled out of her heart, so now did the agony. As the light faded, she lay in the middle of her bed, exhausted and numb, her face soaked wet with her tears. 

‘What have I done?’ she whimpered. 

To be continued…

Kate Kelsen Author © All Rights Reserved

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