Playing Catch-Up: Links

I have been having so much fun posting quotes, links to interesting Halloween-themed articles, and I certainly hope you have all been enjoying the content too! Due to some personal matters that have kept me away from my computer over the past few days I have fallen behind in my posts, so I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th Community! It just so happens this creepy date occurs in the same month as Halloween, so I have decided to do something extra special! Between Friday the 13th and Halloween on October 31st, my social media & blog posts are going to be possessed by all things SPOOKY!  Quotes and writing... Continue Reading →

The Graveyard Shift FREE For Halloween!!

The Graveyard Shift is FREE on Kindle for Halloween! Based on spine-chillingly true events, The Graveyard Shift tells the story of Cole, a medical student who starts to experience unusual events at the old hospital where he works the nightshift. Click HERE to download The Graveyard Shift FREE from the  Kindle store! Enjoy the read, and... Continue Reading →

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