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Ireland: 31 Days, 31 Pictures: Day 25- Teampall Chaomhán

Day 25: Teampall Chaomhán

St Cavan’s Church (also “St Kevin’s Church”, Irish: Teampall Chaomhán) is a ruined church, built in the 10th century, at the location of the saint’s grave. The entrance is now below ground level, as the church was nearly buried by drifting sands; it has now been excavated and is kept clear of sand by the islanders. All that remains visible of this structure today is the chancel.


The grave of St Caomhan (Irish: Leaba Chaomhain or “Caomhán’s Bed”) is located to the north-east of the church. It is a tradition on the island to spend the vigil of the saint’s feast praying at his grave.


And what a location for your final resting place!



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