Day Three In Galway: Ballinasloe

It was now Friday, and I planned to take a day trip out to Ballinasloe, a township in the easternmost part of County Galway, to visit the site of St Brigid's Hospital, opened in 1833 as the Connacht Lunatic Asylum. St Brigid's is still a functioning psychiatric hospital.   Main Street, Ballinasloe The walk from Ballinasloe... Continue Reading →

My Upcoming Research Trip To Ireland!

So I've started a little last-minute GoFundMe campaign to support my upcoming research trip to Ireland! It's just a small amount to help make the trip a little bit easier and stress-free. The money I raise will assist me in my travel costs whilst on the ground in Ireland, including public transport, food, and accommodation. In... Continue Reading →

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