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Ireland: 31 Days, 31 Pictures: Day 18- Kinvara

Day 18: Kinvara

Kinvara (Irish: Cinn Mhara, meaning “head of the sea“), also spelled Kinvarra, is a sea port village located in the southwest of County Galway. It is located in the civil parish of Kinvarradoorus in the north of the barony of Kiltartan.

Kinvara was my third stop on my trip, and I came here with the intention to establish a setting for my main characters’ childhood home. I spent six days in Kinvara, staying in an Airbnb run by Sharon, a single mother with five daughters, three still of school age and living at home.

A half hour drive from Galway City, Kinvara is a far cry from the cultural boiling pot that is Galway City. This is where my story would begin; this is where my main characters would be growing up. I spent most of my time in Kinvara walking around the village and surrounding areas looking at houses, schools, churches, and local businesses to get a feel for the local community.

Old stone house, The Northampton Road, Kinvara

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