My Story: A Lifelong Passion For Writing

When I set out to tell my story, I realize that the difficultes I have faced in my life are not unique. Everyone has their 'stuff'. Everyone's childhood was rough to some degree, some admittedly worse than others. I have wanted to share my story for a long time, and I maintain the belief that... Continue Reading →

Daily Writing Inspiration

For me, 2015 was all about learning how to publish my books. Then 2016 was all about learning how to promote those books. I was told I would spend more time on promotion than actually writing, but it is so important to me to stay connected to my writing first and foremost.

Daily Writing Inspiration

Having been SO sure about how my journey as an author would pan out, it has been a very interesting experience seeing how it has actually panned out. Adjusting to how goals manifest, living more in the moment and simply enjoying my life's passion!!

Daily Writing Inspiration

Oh this is so true! Working my way through writing my crime novel at the moment and feel like I'm constantly jumping back and forward in the timeline. But that is what the first draft is all about!!  

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